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1956 Diamond T Model 634 – Thom Beckley

1956 Diamond T Model 634

1956 Diamond T Model 634, Owner Thom Beckley gave us the opportunity to spend our Saturday morning shooting this awesome build. We are getting back to our roots; we wanted to bring back featured builds and see what’s going on in your shops and garages.

We came across Thom Beckley’s rig in Conroe, Texas at Lone Star Throwdown this past February. Not only did the amazingly massive rig catch our attention, but we also noticed Thom is from Maryland, where we are headquartered.

Another point worth mentioning, Thom drove the rig all the way from Maryland to the event in Conroe, Texas, 63MPH, which is not too bad for a ’56 rig, the bright side, Thom was not at risk of getting pulled over for speeding.

The 1956 Diamond T Model 634 sits alongside a 1948 Fruehauf tanker, taking up a couple of spaces at the event of course, which drew us in to check out the build as well as the crowd of spectators and children who were in awe of the truck AND IT IS BAGGED!!!


1956 Diamond T Model 634 Specs

Naturally, sourcing parts for this build is not easy and that is where the creativity comes into play with Thom’s build.

Cab. Engine. Trans. Axle.

The cab sits on a 2006 Freightliner chassis with air brakes. The engine is a MBE900 built by Detroit for Mercedes. An Allison transmission, rear axle low-leaf air (Freightliner), the front axle is on air as well and the tag axle was adapted from an RV (air down, spring up).


Sleeper. Tires. Wheels. Taillights.

The sleeper is an early Freightliner version, the truck also sports super single tires and wheels. The rear taillights are a nice added touch with ’59 caddie lights.

Tanker Trailer.

As mentioned, the trailer is a 1948 Fruehauf tanker, Thom mentioned it is mostly stock, however, the suspension is a modified four link air set-up and an axle with 10 lugs to accept super singles on the trailer.

We asked Thom a few questions to get to know him and his background and what inspired Thom to create this awesome build. Here is what he had to say…

TZ: Do you own a custom car shop, do you build vehicles as a hobby or both? Tell us a bit about yourself.

Thom: I’m a retired RV dealer I opened a small shop to help people get the projects going again (before “garage squad” was a thing).

I have probably built 10 complete vehicles for customers and a few for myself, but we are to the point where we are just going to build projects for ourselves and offer them for sale. I really enjoy helping friends get their projects through tough spots and helping them solve problems.

TZ: What genre vehicle do you prefer? Do you like all style vehicles, mostly hot rods, etc. and why?

Thom: I own a lot of cars and trucks, some originals, some classics, with small modifications and hot rods that are extremely modified. I have a couple AACA senior winners. I prefer to drive my vehicles and let the kids look and play with the cars and trucks.

I’m a chevy guy, but I love American independents. I have Rambler, Nash, Packard, Kaiser, Hudson, Divco, Diamond T, Mack and prob my favorite is a Studebaker; I have quite a few of those. I bought my first car when I was 13, a 1948 Studebaker which I still have.

TZ: What are some of the lessons learned while building your vehicle?

Thom: Wisdom comes from experience and experience comes from mistakes.

TZ: What advice would you give up and coming builders?

Thom: Go to car shows and coffee events and meet some old timers, they have a ton of experience and always have great advice.

TZ: What are some of the obstacles you have faced while building your vehicle?

Thom: Time is always in short supply; I have a lot of future projects and not enough time.

TZ: What is your next project?

Thom: A 1955 Autocar road tractor, on a late model chassis with an old 2 stroke Detroit.

Thom would like to thank Tanner Garner who works beside him every day and Roger Sparkman, a trusted friend and experienced builder.

1956 Diamond T Model 634 Feature Photos

Of course choosing a location to shoot the truck was going to be a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, Thom had a location in mind, and it worked out very well.

We would like to thank Walkersville Southern Railroad for allowing us to shoot Thom’s truck at their museum / location. You can visit them on Facebook or Instagram as well.

Enjoy some shots of Thom’s 1956 Diamond T…

Follow Thom and his work…

Facebook: One Man’s Junk

Website: Thom Beckley Customs

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