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IGLHAUT ALLRAD 170 by Benchmark Vehicles


IGLHAUT ALLRAD 170 – Known for creating the most capable overlanding travel vans on the planet, Benchmark Vehicles is proud to introduce their highly anticipated AWOL custom Sprinter featuring the first ever Iglhaut Allrad 170 van in the U.S. Built with an impressive 11-inch lift, Benchmark truly sets new standards in making expedition vans with no compromises that are expertly engineered for overlanding. Ideal for camping expeditions, cross-country road trips, or traversing deep backcountry trails, Benchmark Vehicles took great care in creating the perfect solution for tackling advanced terrains.

“At Benchmark Vehicles, our commitment is building the very best, most capable adventure vans that bring the ideas and visions of our clients to life,” comments Benchmark Vehicles Owner & Founder Leland Gilmore. “Our build team features top-tier experts in every aspect of design, cabinetry, electrical, and bodywork. Each Benchmark Vehicles made van is engineered for everything from tough terrain to everyday driving in a high-quality, dependable rig ready for anything life throws at travelers on or off-road.”

Benchmark Vehicles brought the AWOL Iglhaut Allrad 170 to life starting with a standard 170 two-wheel drive Sprinter ordered directly from Mercedes-Benz. The van was manufactured in the United States and then immediately shipped to Iglhaut Allrad in Germany (Iglhaut specializes in creating all-wheel drive systems for mining rigs and overlanding expedition vans used in remote areas of the world). In partnership with Iglhaut, Benchmark Vehicles equipped the AWOL with front and rear electronic locking differentials as well as a center locking transfer case for synchronized rotation speed of all wheels to provide superior levels of traction.

Benchmark-Vehicles-AWOL-Van-Side (1)

Iglhaut modified the programming of the factory ECU and power control modules to allow an installation of 37-inch off-road tires while seamlessly maintaining active brake and lane assist systems. By lifting the vehicle a full 11 inches while also rechanneling the wheel wells, the new Benchmark custom can comfortably wear large off-road tires. Iglhaut then engineered re-geared front and rear axles into AWOL’s design to accommodate lower RPMs for overlanding. On the open road, AWOL matches the driving performance of any factory made 170 Sprinter, easily managing speeds of 70+ mph.

In off-road conditions, the Benchmark Vehicles AWOL Iglhaut Allrad 170 is able to climb steep hills and shelves, traverse mud bogs 18-inches deep, power through snowbanks, and tackle super loose, gravelly terrain. Each axle is carefully manufactured to deliver a superior amount of articulation so that even with one wheel three feet off the ground, the van will still sit leveled. In a further nod to drivability, Benchmark Vehicles enhanced AWOL’s power steering to allow the heavy duty 37-inch wheels and weight of the van to feel responsive, light, and nimble behind the wheel.

As with all Benchmark Vehicles builds, the company strengthened every facet of the van for expert level expeditioning. The wheels are machined out of lightweight alloy billet by Trail Ready in Prineville, Oregon. Factory struts are replaced with Bilstein Heavy Duty struts with coilovers. Benchmark Vehicles adapted one of Agile Off-Road’s two-wheel drive Ride Improvement Packages and installed a full-leaf pack rear spring operating alongside Fox 2.5 rear shocks. AWOL comes complete with two sets of interchangeable tires and wheels that include everyday driving; BF Goodrich KO2 all terrains and the more aggressive mud terrain KM3 (both 37-inch 12.5R17). A rear spare tire carrier is also on board.


The transmission is 7-speed shiftable automatic that derives power from a 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel powered engine. The van runs on ultra-low sulfur diesel with an upgraded 47-gallon fuel tank and includes an Iglhaut snorkel with a centrifuge and pre-filter cap to ensure only clean, pre-filtered air enters the engine to avoid hydrolocking.

The interior living space of the Benchmark Vehicles AWOL Iglhaut Allrad 170 is 170 inches in length, 68 inches in width, and 76 inches in height to comfortably allow travelers more than 6-ft. tall to completely stand up straight in the cabin. Within the cabin, Benchmark Vehicles integrated a full rear bed, a generous couch and table area that also can be converted to a bed area.

The interior gallery consists of an induction cooktop, sink, and large bank of upper cabinets. All on-board cabinetry is crafted from durable poplar core light plywood which is half the weight of standard Baltic birch. The upper cabinets are finished in a tan nanotech laminate from Fenix that utilizes nanotechnology to make the material ultra-resistant to scratching, fingerprinting, and allows any grease or oil to be wiped right off.

Removable canvas bags are in place of upper cabinets in the bed area for more headroom. The easy to clean stainless steel sink is paired with a two-stage filtration system from Guzzle H20. All drinking and cooking water initially permeates a carbon filter layer and then a UV filter, ensuring fresh, clean water from the tap every time. Every Benchmark Vehicles build is fixed with a 35-gallon heated stainless steel water tank and a 4-gallon internal boiler unit which provides hot water from the tap and allows warm air into the cabin in cold weather conditions.

Benchmark Vehicles installed top-of-the-line seating systems, including Scheel-Mann orthopedic driver and passenger seats for long distance travel made by Griener out of Stuttgart, Germany. AWOL’s cockpit seats are capable of turning 180-degrees away from the windshield to face the cabin and upholstered in a supple middle brown color to perfectly match the interior colorways.

The passenger bench to bed seat from French seating manufacturer Scopema seats three and features custom upholstery in the same exact middle brown leather r and cream stitching from Scheel-Mann. The living area of the interior can be fixed with a 80 inch x 70 inch lower bed that is fully removable and able to be packed away in the rear garage compartment of the van. The flooring is built with marine plywood with a finished layer of marmoleum. Custom Chilewich mats provided by Inhabit Design Works that further insulate and provide acoustic dampening of the van’s cabin, are snapped into place on top of the floor.

Benchmark Vehicles produced interior cabin walls in a rich dark gray marine-grade fabric with the ceiling upholstered in off-white. A pair of high efficiency roof fans, as well as a Dometic RTX 3000 AC unit keeping interior temps at bay. The exterior of the van is fitted with a Roambuilt Safari 2.0 Rack and two, 83-liter ROAM Adventure Company storage boxes mounted to the roof rack for storing leveling blocks, axes, shovels, and other equipment. Owl Vans rear carriers complete the exterior kit.

The electrical system includes a powerful 640-amp hour lithium battery bank. The power system is controlled via a custom-made Blue Sea 360 breaker panel similar to what is found in modern homes. Every aspect of the Benchmark Vehicles AWOL Iglhaut Allrad 170 interior power system has its own dedicated breaker switch, ranging from the coffee maker to the under-cabinet lights. 245-watt solar panels are mounted to the top of the van’s roof rack that can help increase usage times and further charge the vehicle’s on-board lithium battery bank. For audio entertainment, Benchmark Vehicles uses twin JL Audio amps, Focal speakers, and a 10-inch JL subwoofer.

Benchmark Vehicles custom van commissions start at $250,000 with the AWOL Iglhaut Allrad 170 priced at $500,000. For more information, please visit or call the vehicle sales team at (503) 446-5599.


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